Speakeasy Group spearheads beverage offering at The Continental Sorrento

Speakeasy Group will join Chef Scott Pickett and Publican Craig Shearer to usher in a new beginning for The Continental Sorrento in Victoria.

The venue is currently undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation and will open its doors in 2022.

The latest development on the project sees the appointment of Speakeasy Group to consult on the design and delivery of the drinks offering across the hotel.

Speakeasy is behind acclaimed cocktail venues in Sydney and Melbourne including Eau De Vie and Nick and Nora’s as well as online educational platform Ananas.

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Get Drams of the World’s Rarest Whiskies Delivered Each Month – Sent by some of Australia’s Best Bartenders

Whisky is one of the world’s most popular spirits. It’s also complex and, at times, confusing. “It’s quite intimidating getting into the world of whisky when you’re surrounded by people who are very vocal or educated,” says whisky subscription service Whisky Freaks co-owner Greg Sanderson.

The new subscription offering comes from the Speakeasy Group, which owns and operates popular cocktail bars MjolnerNick and Nora’s and Eau de Vie in Melbourne and Sydney). It aims to demystify the world of whisky appreciation via a selection of drams delivered to your door.

“We want to create an inclusive environment for people who are new to it,” Sanderson says. “We’re here for the love of whisky – not to act like any keeper of information.

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