The Speakeasy Group is a high-end boutique hospitality group owned and operated by Sven Almenning and Greg Sanderson. Renowned for our creative, pioneering and intuitive contribution to the hospitality industry, The Speakeasy Group has over a decade of operational experience and has cultivated a devout following among those with a penchant for fine food and beverage offerings.  

Recognised as the launching pad for the careers of our employees, our innate ability to attract, mentor and connect amazing people is our (not so) ‘secret’ to success.

At The Speakeasy Group, we are a collective of hospitality focused businesses including 9 venues, an internationally used online training platform, e-commerce retail and consultancy. 

Nick & Nora's

The Speakeasy Mission 

To become the most aspirational hospitality group to work in. We aim to achieve this by prioritising the individual development of our team members, by creating positive workplaces and great career opportunities.

The Journey So Far