What’s on in May at the Speakeasy Group

Enjoy a delightful Mother’s Day at Pearl Diver, which is now open every Sunday for lunch. For those who love whisky, don’t miss out on celebrating World Whisky Day at Eau-de-Vie for the whole month of May. Raise a glass to the Viking Gods with the Molly Rose Brewing team at Mjølner, or join us at Boilermaker House for an exclusive Good Beer Week event with Deeds Brewing. And if you need a break from the daily grind, indulge in caviar and champagne at Nick & Nora’s. 

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Drive to Survive, Speakeasy Style

With the Melbourne Grand Prix just days away, Formula 1 fever has definitely hit the Speakeasy Group.

Whether you’re going to be track-side or celebrating the race in the city, here’s a few of our favourite tipples based on some of the drivers on the grid! 

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Bask in the Warm Weather while it lasts

While we’ve officially hit autumn, we’re hoping that some wonderful warm weather sticks around for a few more weeks, and gives you a chance to sample some our favourite summery serves.

Here’s a quick hit list of just some of our best cocktails for the warm weather you’ll have to try before Melbourne gets plunged into the cold. 

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The 50 best bars in Melbourne right now

Coming in at #1, Nick and Nora’s Melbourne is the place for a glass of celebratory bubbles. This Roaring ’20s-themed temple of decadence has walls of Champagne bottles and cocktails themed around the heroes and villains of a hard-boiled crime book.  Also featuring Pearl Diver Cocktails & Oysters, Eau-de-Vie and Boilermaker House.

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