The Speakeasy Group is a boutique hospitality group owned and operated by Sven Almenning and Greg Sanderson.

In the short time since the first venue opened to the public late January 2010, the group has received an astonishing reception from those with a penchant for unique, high end food and beverage and a good time out.

The Speakeasy Group now have 8 venues, including both restaurants and bars across Victoria and New South Wales and are renowned for offering guests a sense of escapism through memorable, personable and unique experiences.

With a vision to exceed guest expectation at every turn the Speakeasy Group’s venues are proud to showcase one of the most extensive whisky and bespoke cocktail offerings Australia wide.

Sven Almenning

Owner | Director

Greg Sanderson

Owner | Operations Manager

Jonny Linstead

Venue Manager | Eau-de-Vie Melbourne

Francesco Turrini

Venue Manager | Eau-de-Vie Sydney

Alexandra Dahlenberg

Venue Manager | Mjølner Sydney

Nick Winter

Venue Manager | Mjølner Melbourne

Jimmy Sauerbier

Venue Manager | Boilermaker House

James Carlin

Venue Manager | Nick & Nora's

Maddie Nunan

Group Communications & Events Manager