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Speakeasy Group Team

At The Speakeasy Group, we strive to be Australia’s number one hospitality group to work for in the industry. We strongly believe that staff autonomy coupled with personal growth is achieved through a nurturing work environment and dedicated high level training.

Be part of a passionate team of professionals
Align yourself with an owner operated business with strong company values
Enjoy workplace flexibility and competitive salary with reviews
Work alongside management that cares about staff wellness and mental health
Group-wide discounts with other staff privileges and initiatives
Focus on career and personal growth
Access to our online training platform ANANAS as well as external training opportunities and scholarships


To create and maintain venues that have a positive and memorable influence on our guests and clientele whilst prioritising the individual development of our employees through positive workplaces and opportunities.



The Speakeasy group is dedicated to a unified team and environment, with each other, our peers, our suppliers and the greater industry. Strength and success can only be achieved when we work together in unison and foster a belief in transparent, honest and open communication. In unity we look out for each other, we care for one another, and we wish each other success both in the present and in the future. We are crusaders, propelled by the value, conviction and perseverance to achieve our success together.

Speakeasy Group Crew

Authentic Care

To authentically care is to be truly passionate about the people, the place and the product around you and have a consistent and dedicated approach to attention to detail in everything you do. 

Authenticity in care requires vulnerability, transparency and integrity and an innate desire to enrich the lives, experiences and memories of those around you. 


The Speakeasy Group is dedicated to ensuring that every team member feel that we have contributed positively to their careers in hospitality and their lives. We constantly endeavour to create and maintain venues that have a positive and memorable influence on our guests and clientele whilst prioritising the individual development of our employees through mentorship and opportunity.

We will achieve growth through continuous learning and sharing of information, nurturing of a dynamic workplace, a refusal to become complacent – even with success, and continual checks and balances ensuring we stay focused on our greater vision and missions. 

Empowering our staff with knowledge and learnings through training and opportunity is not only for the obvious benefit to the business but the overall success of the individuals that make up the business itself. Without the investment in the growth of our community we can never expect to see growth for the business. 

Speakeasy Group Bar Staff
Speakeasy Group Liquid Nitrogen


At The Speakeasy Group we believe that to achieve true innovation you must first embrace diversity and then practice humility. Ideas come from applying disruption, questioning the status quo and welcoming change to practices, method, reason or problems. Just because something has always been done one way does not mean it can’t be done better another. 

Innovation is not always creation – innovation can be adaption. A spark of change that dramatically affects the outcome of a situation, a product or problem. It takes diversity to identify that a change is needed, and it takes humility to understand and accept when change is made.

The ability to innovate can result in unbelievable highs and success. Failure to innovate can result in the lowest of lows.

Inclusivity and Diversity

To serve our guests to the best of our availability and uphold our values of authenticity, unity and growth we firmly believe in a workforce that represents our wonderfully diverse community.

To be inclusive is to respect and trust one another and show our guests and stakeholders those same values. To achieve it, we are dedicated to the nurture and development of our team through training, creative engagement, promotion and opportunities.

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