The Speakeasy Group is a boutique hospitality group owned and operated by Sven Almenning and Greg Sanderson. In the short time since the first venue opened to the public late January 2011, the group has received an astonishing reception from those with a penchant for unique, high end food and beverage experiences and a good time out.

The Speakeasy Group now has 8 venues across Victoria and New South Wales including Mjølner Melbourne and Sydney, Eau-de-Vie Melbourne and Sydney, Boilermaker House Melbourne, Nick & Nora’s Parramatta and Melbourne and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Sydney.

The multi award winning group has opportunities for the right people to be a part of our awesome team. With a solid industry reputation for innovation, knowledge, world class training programs, mentorships and trade relationships. Enquire below about our current available positions.

The Speakeasy Group Mentorship Program has been developed so that we can give the best training to hospitality professionals who are eager and passionate about etching out a career in this industry. We aim to mentor, guide and train our mentees into being the absolute best in the industry.

The successful mentee will start with approximately 2 years of experience in hospitality, but most importantly hold a thirst for knowledge, progression and passion for the industry. Mentees are immersed in the Speakeasy Group venues for the duration of the 18-month program (6 months each in Eau-de-Vie, Boilermaker House and Mjølner (VIC) and Eau-de-Vie, Nick & Nora’s and Mjølner (NSW), with the aim of developing into a well-rounded, professionally trained, hospitality expert!

The journey includes floor, bar and back of house experience in our venues in Melbourne or Sydney. This experience will see our mentee learning from our highly knowledgeable and experienced teams, have access to our online training platform Ananas, as well as the internal Speakeasy Group training programs and exposure to expertise from the many industry professionals and brands that we have come in to teach our teams.

This is an award rate, salaried role, that sees the mentee becoming a professionally trained hospitality specialist. Upon completion of the Mentorship Program there is an opportunity to stay on with The Speakeasy Group in the venue of their choosing (progression into Management for correct candidate), or to move into the big world of food and drink with references from the Directors of the Company Sven Almenning and Greg Sanderson as well as each Venue Manager.

For more information on this amazing program please
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